gift cards

e-gift cards

electronic gift cards may be ordered here, and may be sent to recipient's via email or phone either immediately or on a scheduled date. e-gift cards may be redeemed digitally or as printed versions, based on your preference.

physical gift-cards

our physical gift cards come in a well-designed enclosure with room for personalization, and may be ordered by stopping by the restaurant or ordered over the phone at 512.326.1999.

*please note: we changed our point-of-sale system in september 2020. if you purchased or received a sway gift card prior to this date, your gift card is still eligible for purchases.

to use an old gift card for dine-in, simply bring in your gift card and hand it to your server with your check. to use an old gift card for online orders, enter the gift card number into this website to transfer your old gift card number into a new number that will work with our current online ordering system. the top number that pops up by the QR code is your new gift card number.