takeaway menu

limited menu for pick-up or delivery from 4pm-8pm. available tuesday through saturday, only from our west lake hills location.

pick-up orders must be placed online here. delivery is available by ordering through favor.

  • pick-up instructions

your order will be ready at the given pick-up time on the table near our front door. take-away bags will be labeled with the name on the order and your receipt.

    if other guests are picking up their orders at the same time, please take care to form a line and stand at least 6 feet away from each other, allowing one person at the pick-up table at a time.
    any issues with your order? give our window a knock and we'll be right over to assist you.

hot ร อ้น

tom kha gai (gf)

  • chicken + coconut broth, seasonal vegetables, lemongrass
  • 10

green curry (gf/v)

  • fried tofu, coconut milk, seasonal local vegetables, charred tomatillo, serrano pepper, thai basil

  • 16

rice ข้าว

son in law

  • braised pork shoulder, crispy 6 minute egg, caramelized soy sauce, nahm prik pla, jasmine rice

  • 18

beef fried rice

  • tamarind-glazed brisket, wok egg, fresno chili, chinese broccoli, crispy garlic

  • 17

blue crab fried rice (gf)

  • wok egg, lemongrass, green peas, scallion, thai basil

  • 20

noodles บะหม

pad thai ki (gf)

  • roasted chicken, rice noodle, tofu, wok egg, toasted cashew, bean sprout, thai basil

  • 17

vegetables ผัก

brussels sprouts (v)

  • fermented black bean, crispy garlic, black vinegar

  • 9

kids เด็ก ๆ

steamed vegetables (gf/v)

seasonal vegetables served with sticky rice


fried rice

  • choice of: scrambled eggs, tofu, chicken or beef

  • 7

pad thai (gf)

  • rice noodles with choice of: chicken, scrambled eggs, or tofu

  • 7

sticky rice

  • choice of: chicken or beef

  • 6

items marked gf are gluten-free, v are vegan.