sway market menu

while supplies last for pick-up or delivery from 4pm-9pm. available tuesday through saturday, only from our west lake hills location.

pick-up orders must be placed online here. delivery is available by ordering through favor or ubereats.

gift box sets

sake tasting set for 2

a curated selection of two 300ml bottles of japanese sake (1 junmai + 1 nigori), two sway-branded masu cedar boxes, two glasses and tasting + technique notes from our team, packaged in a beautiful + ready to gift box set.

    must be 21+ and show ID upon pick-up; not available for delivery


house-made spices gift box

  • 4 of our house-made spice blends: sway cure, curry spice, fermented soybean mix + numbing salt—plus tips from our chef on using them at home—tied up with a ribbon + ready to gift
  • 55

house-made sauces + spices

thai sambal

12oz jar of house-made sambal: sugar, fresno, distilled white vinegar, blended oil, numbing salt, garlic, dehydrated orange peel powder, kosher salt


nahm prik pla

  • 8oz jar of house-made sauce: fish sauce, red + green thai chili, shallots, pineapple, garlic, cilantro stems, thai chili flake
  • 8

nahm prik pao

  • 8oz jar of house-made sauce: cilantro, shallots, garlic, birds eye chili, korean chili, lime juice, curry spice mix, distilled white vinegar, kosher salt, blended oil

  • 8

sway swag

sway hat

one size fits most


sway t-shirt

  • available in sizes small, medium, large + xt large
  • 20

chang thai day shirt

  • all profits benefit the save elephant foundation

  • available in sizes small, medium, large + xt large

  • 20

sway branded carafe

  • to hold your beverage of choice + accompany your sway take-out meal. one step closer to a real date night at sway

  • 25