sway market menu

while supplies last for pick-up or delivery from 4pm-9pm. available tuesday through saturday, only from our west lake hills location.

pick-up orders must be placed online here. delivery is available by ordering through favor or ubereats.

make-it-yourself kits

sway it yourself with our new diy kits! available thurs-sat only, they include all ingredients + chef's step-by-step instructions for a fun project that we promise is easier than assembling ikea furniture.

limited kits available – order online before they sell out!

tiger cry (gf)

  • cast iron hanger steak, red nahm jim, fresno chili, nahm prik pao, thai basil
  • serves 2-3
  • 30

tom kha gai (gf)

  • chicken + coconut broth, roasted mushrooms, charred corn, snow pea, lemongrass
  • serves 2-3
  • 15

house-made sauce

sway cure

  • 16oz jar of house-made cure: coriander, szechuan peppercorn, kosher salt, white sugar, light brown sugar
  • chef's tip: "treat sway cure like a bbq rub for brisket, chicken or pulled pork"
  • 12

thai sambal

  • 16oz jar of house-made sambal: sugar, fresno, distilled white vinegar, blended oil, numbing salt, garlic, dehydrated orange peel powder, kosher salt
  • chef's tip: "sambal is a perfect sauce for chicken wings, on a spicy breakfast omelet, or a thai taco"
  • 12

nahm prik pla

  • 8oz jar of house-made sauce: fish sauce, red + green thai chili, shallots, pineapple, garlic, cilantro stems, thai chili flake
  • chef's tip: "great on chicken wings, grilled seafood + fish, or really any meat off the grill"
  • 8

nahm prik pao

  • 8oz jar of house-made sauce: cilantro, shallots, garlic, birds eye chili, korean chili, lime juice, curry spice mix, distilled white vinegar, kosher salt, blended oil

  • chef's tip: "use pao on anything you want to make spicy as s***."

  • 8

curry spice

  • 8oz jar of house-made spices: white peppercorn, cumin seed, coriander seed, mace, fennel seed
  • chef's tip: "make your own curry at home! personal favorite: massaman"
  • 8

red nahm jim

  • 8oz jar of house-made sauce: fish sauce, fresno chile, cilantro stems, garlic, red thai chilis, lime juice, kosher salt, palm sugar
  • chef's tip: "works best on fried seafood as a dipping sauce. also pairs well with grilled steak"
  • 8

red chili nahm jim

  • 12 oz jar of house-made sauce: fish sauce, tamarind paste, red onion, garlic, ginger, fresno chile, cilantro stems, palm sugar
  • chef's tip: "serve with roasted chicken"
  • 12

numbing salt

  • 12oz jar of house-made spices: kosher salt, white peppercorn, star anise, szechuan peppercorn
  • chef's tip: "best used to season spicier dishes"
  • 12

fermented soybean mix

  • 12 oz jar of house-made mix: fermented soybeans, garlic, japanese chilis, salted radish, oil
  • chef's tip: "toss with stir-fry vegetables"
  • 12

pad thai

  • 12 oz jar of house-made sauce: fish sauce, palm sugar, tamarind paste, lime juice
  • chef's tip: "make your own pad thai at home!"
  • 12

sway swag

sway hat

one size fits most


sway t-shirt

  • available in sizes small, medium, large + xt large
  • 20

chang thai day shirt

  • all profits benefit the save elephant foundation

  • available in sizes small, medium, large + xt large

  • 20

sway branded carafe

  • to hold your beverage of choice + accompany your sway take-out meal. one step closer to a real date night at sway.

  • 25