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Randy Headshot.jpg

randy magallanez, executive chef

randy grew up as a border kid in both southern cali and west texas, so sweet and spice were the staple flavors of his culinary experience growing up, blending perfectly with the deep and rich sweet and spice found at sway. he fell in love with hospitality during his pizza job as a teen; the attitude, tattoos and chaos had him hooked immediately. randy never looked back and worked his way through every type of establishment you could think of along the way. chef randy's first scratch kitchen experience was a busy brunch spot in the heart of downtown el paso; it had a good reputation of intense cooks, so randy quickly dove right into a sink-or-swim kitchen culture. randy's favorite of his career experiences? all of them, having taken bits of every job with him along the way -- culturally and culinarily. randy's tenure at sway began on wok at sway westlake's opening day, and he's been part of the fun ever since. randy's attitude in the kitchen reflects his personality: firm, friendly and fair.

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jennifer le, general manager

born in chicago and raised in austin, jenn grew up surrounded by incredible food. her parents owned a small vietnamese restaurant and her (favorite) aunt was an executive chef for an upscale french-vietnamese restaurant, and those close ties to delicious and hand-prepared food shaped jenn's relationship with restaurants and hospitality in a hugely impactful way. jenn studied healthcare administration at texas state university, subsequently starting with new waterloo in 2017 at sway south first as a food runner and server. within a few months, she'd moved up the ranks and took the plunge into the world of management. jenn's history and expertise in hospitality management took her to austin's own la condesa for a few years before rounding out full-circle, bringing her back to the sway team where she is now! jenn's superpower? a culture of positivity, ensuring that everyone around her (both guests and team members alike) has a warm, uplifting, and filling sway experience.