dinner menu

available tues-thurs from 4pm-9pm and fri-sat from 4pm-9:30pm. reservations recommended for dine-in.

for takeaway orders, please place your order online, park in one of our dedicated curbside spaces and give us a call when you arrive -- we'll bring it out to you. delivery is available through favor or ubereats.

please note: sway charges a 5% to-go fee on all to-go orders. thank you in advance for understanding!

cold หนาว 

som tam (gf/v)

  • green papaya salad, thai chili, cucumber, mint, grapefruit, cherry tomato, long bean, peanuts, pineapple + tamarind vinaigrette
  • 10

hot ร อ้น 

tom kha gai (gf)

  • chicken + coconut broth, roasted mushrooms, charred corn, snow pea, lemongrass
  • 10

chicken wings (gf)

  • chili caramel, fish sauce, ginger, cilantro, lime, thai chili flake
  • 12

vegetables ผัก

brussels sprouts (v)

  • fermented soy beans, crispy garlic, black vinegar

  • 10

stir fry chinese broccoli (v)

  • nahm prik pao, fresno chili, salted radish, black vinegar, crispy shallot

  • 12

curry แกง

green curry (gf/v)

  • fried tofu, coconut milk, seasonal local vegetables, charred tomatillo, serrano pepper, thai basil

  • 18

jungle curry (gf)

  • black angus brisket, texas okra, thai eggplant, roasted corn, fresno chili, green peppercorn

  • 22

grilled + crispy ย่าง + รอบ

kai yaang

  • roasted half chicken, red chili nahm jim, crispy shallot, thai herbs

  • 16

tiger cry (gf)

  • cast iron hanger steak, red nahm jim, fresno chili, nahm prik pao, thai basil

  • 20

rice ข้าว

son in law

  • braised pork shoulder, crispy 6 minute egg, caramelized soy sauce, nahm prik pla

  • 20

beef fried rice

  • tamarind-glazed brisket, wok egg, fresno chili, chinese broccoli, crispy garlic

  • 18

blue crab fried rice (gf)

  • wok egg, lemongrass, green peas, scallion, thai basil, coconut vinegar

  • 20

krapao gai fried rice

  • szechuan basil chicken, wok egg, thai chili paste, long bean, caramelized soy sauce, chili vinegar

  • 16

noodles บะหม

pad thai kung (gf)

  • head-on red prawn, rice noodle, tofu, wok egg, toasted cashew, bean sprout, thai basil

  • 20

pad thai ki (gf)

  • roasted chicken, rice noodle, tofu, wok egg, toasted cashew, bean sprout, thai basil

  • 18

salt + pepper เกลือ + พริกไทย

s+p calamari (gf)

  • red nahm jim, fermented black bean, cilantro, lime
  • 14

s+p tofu (gf/v)

  • thai sambal, crispy garlic, cilantro

  • 12

dessert ของหวาน

thai tea affogato

  • condensed milk ice cream, black tea tapioca, white chocolate macadamia crumble

  • 10


  • mango sorbet (gf/v), coco + lychee sorbet (gf/v), sweetened condensed, vietnamese coffee, toasted sesame

  • 3

watermelon lychee popsicle (gf/v)

  • strawberry lime serrano fun dip

  • 7

items marked gf are gluten-free, v are vegan; please note any allergies or additional modification requests to your server.