dinner menu

cold หนาว

raw oysters (gf)

  • mega chef nahm jim
  • mp

prawn miange (gf)

  • betel leaf, grapefruit, lime, toasted coconut, toasted cashew, fresno chili
  • 12

po-pea jay (gf/v)

  • vegetable spring roll, vermicelli noodle, garlic, mint, avocado, thai herbs, tomato vinegar
  • 10

som tam (gf)

  • green papaya salad, thai chili, cucumber, cherry tomato, long bean, tamarind
  • 12

hot ร้อน

tom kha gai (gf)

  • chicken + coconut broth, oyster mushroom, roasted corn, snow pea, lemongrass

  • 26

satay (gf)

  • charcoal grilled pork, shrimp, tofu, satay sauce, kewpie mayo, toasted peanut
  • 10

shu mai

  • pork + shrimp dumpling, fermented black bean, kewpie mayo
  • 14

salt + pepper เกลือ + พริกไทย

blue prawn (gf)

  • red nahm jim, lime, fermented black bean
  • mp

calamari (gf)

  • red nahm jim, lime, fermented black bean
  • 18

tofu (gf/v)

  • thai sambal, crispy garlic, cilantro
  • 12

curry แกง

peanut curry (gf)

  • confit chicken leg, slow-cooked egg, red chili, peppercorn, roasted corn, toasted peanut
  • 24

green curry (gf/v)

  • seared tofu, thai eggplant, english peas, roasted corn, fingerling potato
  • 22

jungle curry (gf)

  • texas wagyu brisket, red chili, roasted corn, eggplant, peppercorn, coconut cream
  • 26

fried rice ข้าวผัด

blue crab (gf)

  • egg, lemongrass, ginger, peas, scallion, cilantro, thai basil
  • 32


  • tamarind glaze, greens, egg, crispy garlic, fresno chili
  • 24

chicken (gf)

  • sweet soy, egg, chive blossom, toasted peanut
  • 20

vegetable (gf/v)

  • tofu, seasonal vegetable, egg, herbs, green curry paste
  • 18

grilled + crispy ย่าง + รอบ

son in law

  • braised pork shoulder, crispy farm egg, thick soy, nahm prik pla
  • 26

tiger cry

  • char-grilled strip steak, red chili nahm jim, fresno chili, toasted rice, nahm prik pao, thai basil
  • 32

sweet curry half chicken

  • charcoal rotisserie chicken, chili nahm jim
  • 30

whole market fish (gf)

  • crispy, sweet fish jam, coconut cream, herbs
  • mp

noodles + stir fry ด + บะหม

pad thai kung (gf)

  • blue prawn, rice noodles, tofu, egg, toasted cashew, bean sprout, thai basil
  • 30

pad thai ki (gf)

  • roasted chicken, rice noodles, tofu, egg, toasted cashew, bean sprout, thai basil


pad thai jai

  • tofu, rice noodle, egg, shiitake mushroom, long bean, thai basil, toasted cashew
  • 24

pad kwetio

  • szechuan cured pork belly, rice noodle, mushroom, crispy tofu, yam, pickled okra
  • 24

nashi pear chicken (gf)

  • brussels sprouts, carrot, mushroom, thai basil, red chili
  • 20

sides เครื่องเคียง

brussels sprouts (gf/v)

  • fermented bean, garlic
  • 12

baby bok choy (gf/v)

  • garlic


thai basil eggplant (v)

  • pao marinated eggplant, toasted chili paste, garlic, ginger, caramelized soy, lime


yam (gf/v)

  • miso sweet potato mash


sticky rice (gf/v)

  • nahm prik pla
  • 3

items marked gf are gluten-free, v are vegan; please note any allergies or additional modification requests to your server.

a 4% employee support surcharge is added to dine-in bills to assist with the funding of our employee programs. 100% of these funds go towards employee benefits, wages, and programs. this surcharge can be removed upon request.