available saturday & sunday, 11am - 3pm. full menu also available during brunch hours.

food อาหาร

chia seed bowl (gf/v)

  • chia coconut pudding, puffed rice granola, seasonal fruits
  • 9

moo sway congee (gf)

  • sugar-cured pulled pork, crispy egg, today's pickles, shiitake, thai chili carrot, coconut rice grits
  • 12

fried chicken + waffle

  • thai basil waffle, togarashi fried chicken, thai herb butter, tamarind + ginger maple syrup, pickled fresno

  • 16

tiger cry + eggs (gf)

  • herb marinated hanger steak, soft scramble, thai herb hollandaise, texas toast
  • 22

chicken + biscuit

  • buttermilk + pao, tamarind + ginger maple glazed, pickled okra, buttermilk + coconut custard, thai basil, mae biscuit
  • 14

the french toast (v)

  • toasted rice + mango bread custard, caramelized banana, salted maple rum sauce, toasted white sesame seed, coconut cream

  • 16


  • sweet soy caramelized pork shoulder, nahm prik pla, thai herbs
  • 15

moo daeng hash

  • ground thai spiced red sausage, sunny eggs, green curry sweet potatoes, coconut crema, thai herbs, scallion

  • 12

beverage เครื่องดื่ม

hibiscus + grapefruit mimosa

  • hibiscus, grapefruit, sparkling wine
  • 8

spicy bloody mary

  • tito’s vodka, tomato juice, red nahm jim, smoked chili salt, house-made pickle

  • 10

(gf/v) signifies items that can be modified to meet dietary needs upon request